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Our Solid Shampoo Bars are made with carefully selected ingredients that help to smooth the cuticle, add shine, moisturize and gently cleanse your hair. The best part? Our Shampoo Bars are SULFATE FREE!! These Shampoo Bars ARE NOT SOAP, but made with a very mild, sulfate-free surfactant called sodium cocoyl isethionate, SCI, which is made from the flesh of coconuts. SCI is gentle on color-treated hair!

Take a shampoo bar with you instead of a regular plastic bottle. They last for months and they are so small that they save you money and space. Perfect to take with you on your travels too!

-Suitable for all hair types, safe for colored hair.
-Enriched with Coconut Oil, Soy Protein, and Panthenol D
-Creates rich lather
-Suitable for vegans, no animal testing.



Made with natural oils and plant-based ingredients, Green Daisy 3-in-1 Hair Conditioner Bars are 1.5 oz of super condensed hair bliss. A little goes a very long way — each bar is the equivalent to about 2 bottles of commercial conditioners.

These little gems are great for a daily conditioner, after-shower detangler, and leave in conditioner.... all while adding a touch of lemon and lavender to your daily routine.

- Normal or oily hair types may benefit from conditioning prior to washing and may only need to condition every other washing.
- Dry hair types may benefit from applying a small amount of the conditioner to wet hair tips as a leave-in conditioner.
- Use the last little bit for a monthly deep conditioner (instructions below)


Unlike other hair conditioner bars, Green Daisy Conditioner Bars are petroleum-free and crafted with a potent conditioning agent made from canola oil along with hair loving herbs infused in natural hair loving oils.

Doubles as a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Treatment
Once every 4-6 weeks, shave off a small portion of the Green Daisy Conditioner Bar. Melt over low heat (a double boiler is best). Once warmed and melted, whisk in a 2-3 tsp of water to create a creamy hair mask. Apply to wet hair. Wash out after 30 minutes.

Lemon Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Lemon Lavender- Clean and inviting - a fresh blend of tangy lemon, bright citrus and soft lavender flowers.

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