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Our Products

Why should YOU should choose Green Daisy products?

Green Daisy Soaps redefines handcrafted skincare products by using bold colors and invigorating fragrances. We strive to provide the best quality products that bring excitement and wonder to your everyday routine, while giving you peace of mind to maintain a sustainable and minimal waste lifestyle. Share our passion for skin care that keeps your shower exciting and our Earth clean. Let's prove to the world that being green doesn't have to be boring!

Biodegradable, Recyclable, & Minimal Waste Packaging

Artisan Soap

Each bar of our artisan soap is packaged in Biolefin, a biodegradable and compostable shrink wrap, and wrapped with a post-consumer recycled paper label printed with soy-based ink. After 1-3 years in normal landfill conditions, Biolefin breaks down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass, and leaves nothing behind. Eliminate those body washes in single-use bottles and switch to bar soap!

Plastic-Free Hair Care

Our solid shampoo and conditioner bars are concentrated and water-free, but have the same properties as traditional products. Each conditioner bar is packaged in an aluminum tin that can easily be recycled (unlike plastic) or reused for other purposes. Our shampoo bars are packaged in a molded pulp box with a post-consumer recycled paper label. Not only can molded pulp packaging be made from recycled materials, it can also be easily recycled again after its useful life-cycle. If it doesn’t make it to the landfill or recycling facility, the fibers in pulp packaging are biodegradable, unlike plastic and Styrofoam packaging. Revolutionize your hair care by ditching traditional products housed in single-use plastics and switching to our plastic-free hair care products!

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Our aromatherapy shower steamers come in reusable and resealable pouch that is made with paper and a bioresin comprised entirely of sugar cane byproducts.

Buttercream Body Lotions & Whipped Body Scrubs

While most of our products are packaged in completely plastic-free packaging, it is not yet entirely feasible to find reliable and durable materials to replace traditional petroleum-based plastics. For this reason, we package our whipped body scrubs and buttercream body lotions in PET plastic, which is the most widely recycled plastic in the world. We know this isn't entirely green, but we are constantly researching for new packaging to use for these products as technology advances. In the meantime, check out our recycling program!

Clean Ingredients

Palm Oil Free

All Green Daisy products are free from palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients. You may ask: "Why is it a big deal?" Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil that is derived from the palm fruit, grown on the African oil palm tree. The palm oil industry is linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuse in the countries where it is produced, as the land and forests must be cleared for the development of the oil palm plantations. Green Daisy Soaps is committed to creating a positive impact on our environment by using responsibly sourced ingredients that are friendly to not only you, but the Earth as well.

Ethically Sourced Mica Colorants

Our micas come from a supplier that has strong commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices. Most mica used in cosmetics and soap, begin with naturally mined mica that is ground to a fine powder. This mica powder is grey-white in color until it is then coated with pigments (iron oxides, ultramarines or dyes). Therefore, colored micas are comprised of pigments on a mica substrate (underlying substance). Those pigments are lab-created to avoid the unhealthy levels of lead, arsenic and mercury that mined pigments contain.

Plant-based Oils

Each oil used in our product formulations is plant-based and naturally derived. We only use fair trade and responsibly sourced oils in our products.

Ecocert Certified Ingredients

When possible, we choose ecocert certified ingredients, which are organically certified and sourced from organic farms.

Biodegradable Surfactants

You may see sodium cocoyl isethionate on our ingredient labels, but don't worry; this is not a scary ingredient. ​Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a surfactant made from all vegetable-based, renewable resources, primarily coconut. It is used to impart extra mildness and foamy lather in many personal care and cleansing products. SCI powder is naturally derived and biodegradable.

Sodium Hydroxide

A quick fact- Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye, is an essential ingredient in the soap making process. When sodium hydroxide beads or flakes are mixed with a liquid,  a lye solution is created. This solution, when mixed with fats and oils, will cause a chemical reaction called saponification. The result of saponification is beautiful handmade soap. Soap cannot be created without this essential ingredient; however, there is no sodium hydroxide in our final products. It is simply the agent used to turn oils into soap. No sodium hydroxide, no soap!

General Info Tidbits:

  • We create all of our products in small batches to maintain quality and freshness

  • Our products are 100% vegetarian and free from animal fats

  • Products are formulated while keeping a sustainable lifestyle in mind

  • All packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and minimal waste

  • All ingredients are responsibly sourced with our planet as first priority

  • Our products are cruelty free and NEVER tested on animals

  • Everything is carefully handcrafted in the small town of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

Being green doesn't have to be boring!

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