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How is your soap made?

We use the cold-process method of soapmaking, using all natural oils and exciting color to make each batch of soap.  Cold Process soapmaking is the act of mixing fixed oils ( i.e. Olive oil, Coconut oil, etc.) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or Lye). The result is a chemical process called saponification, where the composition of the oils changes with the help of the lye to create a bar of soap. Since the cold process of soapmaking does not call for heating of essential oils and fixed oils (which can break down and hamper the effects of all natural oils and essential oils), cold process soapmaking yields a longer lasting, stronger-smelling, “sudsier” and more colorful bar of soap.

Can you make soap without lye/ sodium hydroxide?

Soap cannot be created without this essential ingredient; however, there is no sodium hydroxide in our final products. It is simply the reagent used to turn oils into soap. No sodium hydroxide, no soap!

Why are your products palm free?

We love going on nature walks. We love gardening. We love being outdoors. And we want to make sure our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can do the same.

Although palm oil itself is all natural, it is the most common vegetable oil used today, and can be found in products from cosmetics and soap to peanut butter and donuts!

Unfortunately, huge amounts of tropical forests and peatlands (carbon-rich swamps) are being cleared to make room for palm oil producing plantations. This deforestation is a major cause of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. In addition, the deforestation continues to shrink habitats for a multitude of endangered species, including orangutans, tigers, rhinoceros, and elephants.

We have made it our promise to provide palm oil free products to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same things that we take for granted every day.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend that body scrubs, hair care, and bath fizzies be used between 6-7 months after purchase. Our artisan soap will last longer than a year but will eventually start to lose its scent and may discolor. 

My soap/product is slowly changing color... is it still okay to use?

Yes! If you notice your product changing color, add it to your list of products to use next! We use a variety of natural ingredients that can cause color variations. One of the biggest culprits of colors changing over time is vanillin, which is the component in vanilla that gives the sweet aroma we are familiar with. Although we do try to limit the fragrances that contain vanillin, some products may change color or turn brown over time. Don't worry; this is a completely natural process that occurs and does not affect the way the product performs. No replacements will be made for discolored products. 

Are your products vegan and gluten free?

95% of our products are vegan, and 100% are vegetarian! We are also a cruelty -free company that does not use animal testing.  The majority of our products are also gluten-free. Send us a message if you have a question about this!

My product looks different from the picture on your website. Why is that?

Each product is handcrafted in small batches, which means that even products made in the same batch can vary in appearance. Although we use the exact same recipe each time, products may look different. It's the beauty of buying handcrafted products from a small business!

How should I store unused products?

We recommend that unused products be kept in a dark and non-humid environment (such as a linen closet). Even though our products are wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap, they can fade if left in contact with sunlight.

How can I make my soap last longer?

You can make your soap (or shampoo) bar last longer by keeping it out of direct contact with water by using a draining soap dish or on a wire rack out of reach of water in the shower! 

What is your recycling program?

When you return 10 clean, empty containers or bottles to us at an in-person event, you’ll get a free 4 oz body scrub! If you can't wait save 10 containers to return or don't like body scrubs, you'll receive $1 off your purchase with every container or bottle returned to us for recycling.

I'm interested in selling Green Daisy products at my retail store. Do you offer wholesale?

Please send an email to for your inquiry.

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